Saturday, December 22, 2012

River Bottoms Lunch and Tea

 Jared and I met at 11:20 to ride some snow.  We packed a stove and some food to practice using gear.

 We rode from 35w bridge to the Cedar bridge where we stopped for a lunch of Chinese green tea, mash potatoes and tuna, simple and tasty. 
 I like the way the flame is mocking the branch behind the stove.

Bright sun, low winds and mid 20's temps made for a pleasant outing.
 Both my Pugsley above and Jared's Moonlander performed flawlessly.


queasyfish said...

Jared's bike looks like it wants to be an airplane.

Darryl Magree said...

Did you drink the tea separately, or just mix it into the tuna-potato mash?