Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bear, Venison, Carrots and Corn Bread.

Wild dinner tonight. We had cubed bear meat sauteed with onions, garlic and peppers from our garden.

In addition to the bear, the center of the plate holds venison tenderloin fillets that were dredged with flour and lightly fried with onions. I used the drippings, wine and a pad of butter to make a sauce to go with the venison.

It seemed a little wrong to serve a prey animal on the same plate as flesh from one of its predators. But, I got over it. It's good to be the top of a food chain.

Accompanying the two meat dishes, we enjoyed steamed garden carrots with a light shot of butter and brown sugar. Cornbread muffins served as our carbohydrate for the meal.

The kids picked the peppers, and dug the carrots. I'm proud that my family shared in and enjoyed this meal with me. The bear was everyone's favorite.


Jared said...

mmm. That meal wouldn't have been so easy to obtain if we let bears keep there own arms.

Heath said...

by bear arms, do you mean the flesh from their limbs they would keep or suggesting the weapons they would pack.