Friday, October 9, 2009

Drive to Harris with Harris for Harris

Tomorrow is our third annual birthday pilgrimage north to Harris, Mn to celebrate Harris' arrival in our family. On our first trip we happened upon the Kaffe Stuga Cafe, a place that specializes in homemade Swedish food. It's the kind of place that makes iceberg lettuce seem right at home. We've tried, meatballs, cod, and liver and onions while sitting at the counter in the first picture.

This yearly drive is and event we look forward to all year.

Happy birthday Harris, and Hello Kaffe Stuga Cafe.


Heath said...

I've changed my comment setting

Jared said...

How was the trip to Harris with Harris for Harris?

Heath said...

Wonderful. We had several meals Swedish meatballs, cabbage rolls, cod fillets, and fried clams. Each meal came with appetizer potato, veg. and roll. The bill for my family and dippy was less then $40 bucks. A bargain at twice the price.

The meatballs and cabbage roll were particularly good, and made on site. The mashed potatoes even had perfectly sized lumps.