Friday, October 23, 2009

Warm Feet on the Cheap

I read fatboybiking blog today comment on cold feet in this sleety weather.

My new idea for morning bed warm feet, as yet untried, is to wear an old pair of XC ski boots. They are waterproof and lightly insulated. I'm relying on the fact that they were designed for active use to prevent my feet from becoming pools of sweat.

The toe bar in front and other accouterments might look a little geeky, but, one fat boy biker to another, it won't be the bottle-neck of our cool. If you know what I mean.

Please note the rental boot numbers and love the magenta trim. Very 1980's meets thrift-store modernity ala Michael Jordan #23. I also have another pair of old three-pin boots that I might try. Less insulation, less color, less hang-time. I may trim the toe off.


queasyfish said...

You better borrow Jared's razor sharp platforms too - those look like they would slide off just about any "normal" pedal. ...or maybe you could just zip-tie the corresponding skis to your pedals and ride your homemade elliptical machine to work. :)

Heath said...

Or, drive?

I have screw-in peg platform pedals. They feel fine on them. The bottoms are as soft as some of my casual shoes.

queasyfish said...

I'd still rather see you ride the pseudo-elliptical I was imagining.

queasyfish said...

and tell Harris to get a haircut.

queasyfish said...

and be sure that whenever you do choose to post those leaf-valley group photos you took on the last Luce line ride, you send me a copy for my records. Go ahead and send me them now if you're thinking of it... spank you. :)