Sunday, October 18, 2009

Luce Line Oddities Oct. 17,18 2009

A garter snake in the shadow of a bike wheel. (above) What a cool mellow snake; it didn't even try to bite me. However, Q lost his boyish innocence upon eating an apple swerved up by this subtle serpent.

Ugenuius' homemade camera holder. I'd title this photo "If NASA had to shop at the Home Depot." (above) We're resting on Geppetto's bridge in the picture. Someone else became a real boy on this trip; no lie.

Jared with a giant puff-ball. Speaking of puff-balls, I wish I would have gotten a photo of his "satchel." (above) To keep the theme alive, We discovered Jared's saddle taint the most comfortable. Finally, (below)in the last picture we see nice weather for the first time in weeks during the two days we all arranged to go on our overnight ride. We even had a tailwind on the way home. Boy was it fun. More later.

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queasyfish said...

Nicely written, I appreciate the inside jokes and funny reminders of the conversations and events.