Saturday, December 18, 2010

부븸밥 bi bim bop

The family was invited to a bi bim bop dinner tonight. Bi bim translates to mixed-up and bop translates to rice. Meat, spinach, eggs, cucumbers and rice were all tossed together at the table and served with gochujang chili paste.

Bi bim bop is quintessential Korean cuisine; eating it is more than a meal. It seems putting down a bowl of this is like raising the Korean flag and pledging allegiance to ones heritage. It's like lutefisk, haggis, or menudo without the scary bits.
Korean gochujang chili paste (고추장)
Sweet chili and sesame paste sauce. A new favorite condiment

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Anonymous said...

After you've had your hands inside where menudo comes from off and on over a summer ...and further down the digestive realize it could be a lot worse. Now haggis??? - that's another matter entirely, but the man who can enjoy lutefisk and 1000-year eggs shouldn't struggle too much with that either. SlowTom