Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Camping

No skis. Snowshoes for this trip. Wed. night we went out for four miles across the lake with headlamps. Thursday we headed out and camped just shy of two miles out on the lake. We missed our intended camping area because of the poor visibility. We did find a sheltered area on a point near the entrance to Pikes Bay.
.Here's my pack full of warm goodness. I use almost everything I brought and was quite comfortable in some challenging conditions. The videos below show the windy trek across the lake. Some of the blizzard conditions in camp and the calm camp the morning after. There was brilliant sunshine. The foggy look is condensation on my lens. Thirty mile per hour wind and temps of minus single digits made for some cozy tent time. Ipod and phone kept me company.

video video video


queasyfish said...

Who's we? - got a mouse in your pocket? (a classic Steve Ringat line)

queasyfish said...

PS: I saved your backpack picture to my hard drive.

Jared said...

Q, it is our cousin Chip. Chip has got to do the Arrowhead 135 some year.

SeanH said...

Next week on "I Shouldn't Be Alive", a winter camping trip gone bad. ;)