Sunday, December 5, 2010

Minnesota Kind of Weekend

I've been working for the last several years to come up with trail grooming equipment for my middle school and high school ski team. Last year I procured the groomer, and Friday worked a deal to take delivery of a hold-over 2010 new Ski-doo Skandic Tundra like the one pictured above. Lots of wrangling, but I hope to be making corduroy tomorrow out of our new fallen snow. Got a great price from a local buisness wanting to help the students out.

My other ski team, Minnesota Youth Ski League Program, jumped from 11 people to about 30. We had our first meeting Sat where we issued 16 sets of skis, boots and poles to kids ranging in age from 4-13. Should be a blast.

Sunday the family and I drove to the Hampton Tree farm and cut our holiday tree. The conifers were layered with snow and the deciduous trees were coated in hoar frost making for a seasonally splendid setting. Kids and I managed to set down a few ski tracks in the park behind the house too. In the evening we set our tree up and added twinkling snow flakes and blue icicle lights to the front of the house.

Winter's fun and it starts getting lighter again in just over 2 weeks.

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Jared said...

Congrats Heath. Those accomplishments are going to mean a lot to a lot of kids for many years.