Sunday, April 19, 2009

20 mile Training Ride

I love living in the Twin Cities. Claire and I left from our usual spot in Lilydale Park. We rode over the Mendota Bridge through Ft. Snelling into Minnehaha Park, North on West River Road, to the Midtown Greenway to Lake Calhoun. After a spin around the lake we ended up at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant on Nicollet. The rest of the family met us there for lunch and a ride home. In our 20.5 miles, we spent about .5 on roads; everything else was dedicated bike path.

Claire did the ride without a complaint. I'm confident she will not only ride the 30 miles next weekend, but enjoy riding it. We are thinking of having a gourmet picnic on the way. Claire wants quality baguettes, hard salami and E's cheese. I'm more than happy to fill-up the panniers to make this a memorable ride for her.

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