Saturday, April 25, 2009

Irongirl Prep.

Claire's cleaning her bike prior to a fresh coating of oil.We are anticipating our ride to be wet-n-windy. We have fenders and good rainwear, so it challenges should be manageable. Claire's too excited to sleep as I type this @ 10pm. We are in the throws of pre-adventure fun.


queasyfish said...

Really excited too. We thought it was today. We talked about it at several different points. That kind of sucks that it's tomorrow - It's going to rain for sure. You're my - Kathleen's really - hero, just for doing it, don't be afraid to bail before the grueling end if it becomes that.

queasyfish said...

The captcha word was UNCASKET. That's darkly positive.

queasyfish said...

I didn't understand at first why you were going to coat Clair in oil after she finished washing the bike - but it's for water-resistance, right?

Did it work? How did it go?