Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ironman Training Ride

Claire and I have been training for the Ironman bike ride held the end of this month. While on tonight's ride, we saw this deer between Fort Snelling and Minehaha Park. Two additional deer emerged from the scrubby brush a scant 30 yards of this one.

Strangely the deer didn't seem to take notice of us at all. It only ran when Claire tried to walk up to our side of the fence to get her picture taken along side the deer. We were only about 10 feet away from the fence.

The picture quality is low, as I was taking this photo into the setting sun. I had to hold my hand over the camera to get enough shade to get any image at all. This is the best of the four photos I tried.

Last Sunday we saw two deer at the same spot. Claire now calls the area "Deer Hill." Riding with Claire is wonderful.

I am proud of Claire; she rode hard and worked hills like an animal. Harris will be doing the same next year.


queasyfish said...

So, are you signing up for 30, 65 or 100 miles of Performance Catalog devotees screaming "on your left"?


Heath said...

We are doing the 30. And, by the way, you blog bitch, we like Nashbar merchandise the best. Those people work absolute magic with High visibility yellow.

Did you ride last night?

queasyfish said...

Who's "we"? - Clair's actually riding it too? - wow.

Deniel Hopkins said...

fantastic... :)