Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gorillaz and Noodle

Netflix just send Gorillaz: Phase Two Slowboat to Hades. I'm into the melodic, fantastic and urban sights and sounds. I first heard this band/cartoon in Taiwan. They had a music vid with some funky Asian riffs, but I can't find it here. I know they have Asian only releases

I also find Noodle cute in an androgynous animated sort of way. She's the kind of kid hipsters long to be.

Her Wikipedia Biography says "At age 10, Noodle arrived on the Gorillaz' doorstep in a FedEx crate, in response to the ad they placed for a guitarist in the NME. She could not speak any English beyond the word "Noodle", thus earning her the alias. She quickly got settled in England with the Gorillaz, and was accepted as the fourth member of the band."

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queasyfish said...

I've got that too - it's cool. I've got their "live" video Demon Days Live too - I really like that one, because I really like that album.