Friday, April 24, 2009

R.I.P aka Rust-in Pontiac.

General Motors is preparing to announce that the Pontiac car brand, once marketed as GM's "Excitement division," will be killed off.[Link]

Meanwhile, Chrysler is hoping to be saved by Fiat but still may file bankruptcy. [link]

Also today, Ford received good news, as they only posted a net loss of $1.43 billion. [link]

Maybe the news for American cars isn't so bad as GM's Total Confidence commercial say "We need to put on our rally caps, America and dig in.

Or, maybe we can hope that an economic asteroid kills of these dinosaurs and offers something better room to evolve. Hell even intelligent design would better than Detroit's big three.


queasyfish said...

Isn't that your 2009 Toyota meteor coming out of the sky there?

Jared said...

Funny, I was just looking at the Honda Insight right before looking at your post. Great post. Evolution is good even if dinosaurs like GM must die.